April 22, 2016

Steve Nine

3 am. Awoke to the moonlight and sound of a lone dog barking. Here we lie, thirteen of us in a row on the porch. No one here is comfortable sleeping inside and so I joined their vigil. No sooner had I closed my eyes when a strong aftershock sent everyone scrambling to the open. Fifteen minutes of reprieve and another strong quake. Now I am understanding why sleep has been hard to find. I arrived home safely and with all my gear at noon yesterday and after reuniting with my family, I joined the work. We distributed small boxes of basic foods to 250 church families. Later, I spent the evening teaching five families in our neighborhood how to use the water filtration systems. These are extended families with 20 to 40 members each. Our neighborhood is close and peaceful unlike many in Manabi tonight. We are blessed to be on the front end of the relief effort. Many are still without power and drinking water. Keep them in your prayers. Thankfully no rain has fallen since the quake as the river continues to flow near flood stage. There is minor damage to the church, although the new building being built has more serious damage and will have to be inspected. Our house and those of Jacky’s family looks great, very minor damage.
Your gifts, love, and prayers have been overwhelming. Thank you!