3 weeks ago

"Look! I stand at the door... whoever receives one little child in My name receives Me" Jesus the Christ

"He aquí, yo estoy a la puerta... cualquiera que reciba en mi nombre a un niño como ... See more

1 month ago
Photos from That None Should Perish's post

KIDStory in Spanish - telling the Bible Story project radio - video

1 month ago
KIDStory LatinAmerica

what a privilege to train this wonderful group of ambassadors in Oaxaca


1 month ago
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Oramos por los niños de Mexico

Praying for the children of Mexico

2 months ago
TNSP - Celebrating 10 years

A time of Celebrating the Fidelity of our God!
Thank you all for being part of it.

2 months ago

This Weekend Celebrating 10 Years!! TNSP seeing the Faithfulness of God in every way.

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