In November we had the privilege of helping organize a worship concert, “Manabi Woships Jesus”.  Jacky had been praying for this opportunity for six months and despite several frustrated efforts the Lord would not lift the burden.  Then out of nowhere, the city gave permission for a Tuesday night (on the old airport runway), a high quality speaker company from Spain donated sound, lighting, and stage, others joined together generously providing the budget necessary.  Night after night the worship team (Bless Music) gathered in our living room practicing until midnight.  150 voluteers began training and planning to handle the crowd, parking, setup, and tear down.

The night of the event people began arriving slowly filling up the two thousand chairs we had borrowed, transported, and set-up. Then they began pouring in, many confessing they did not know why they were coming.  The presence of God came down upon the crowd of over 6,000 for two and half hours of worship and ministry.  In the end, “Manabi Worships Jesus” was the largest evangelical gathering in the history of Manabi!

“All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, O Lord; they will bring glory to your name.”

Thank-you for your prayers and support,   Steve and Jacky Nine