April 18, 2016
Earthquake in Ecuador
Dear Friends,

God is so good and amazes me continually with His greatness and wisdom. I am sitting in a room in Dallas, when I would rather be with my family.
I was at a event in Portland, Or. with Kids Around the World about to walk on stage and share my piece of the evening with the over 250 people present when someone said there has been an earthquake in Ecuador. That began a process of 48 crazy hours. Dozens and dozens of you who I have been with in Portland and Dallas have rallied around me in prayer. Hundreds more online. Ideas, money, connections have been pouring in. Water filters, solar lamps, medical teams, I have spent hours on the phone, email, and facebook accomplishing tasks that would have been impossible from ground zero. And now I see “why” I am here while my children sleep outside and though it is breaking my heart… what has also broke my heart is all the love you are sending us.
Scores of people died on our streets, in their homes, in cars driving downtown… My family is safe. How can I be anything but thankful?

Pray for my return Wednesday-Thursday; Pray that it does not rain hard (flooding); Pray the power comes on soon; Pray for those who have lost so much; Pray that the church rises to action.

With much love,
Steve Nine